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In accordance with the New Guidelines of the Ministry of Health of 28.03.2013, relating to healthcare advertising concerning medical devices, in vitro diagnostic medical devices and medical-surgical, it notifies the user that the information contained herein is directed solely to professionals.
We reserve all rights of reproduction, even partial, of the contents of this website, no reproduction by any third party is permitted without prior written consent from GPS srl.
Any violation will be prosecuted according to the law. The illustrations and technical specifications are not binding. We reserve the right to make changes to its products without notice.
G.P.S. di Giacometti Ernesto Via Castel Vaglietti, 4 - 24011 Almè (Bergamo) - Italy
Tel. +39 0354376456 - Fax +39 035617844
P.IVA 04719520167
GPS Medical is a company based in Bergamo (Italy) specializes in the production of: sanitary ware suppliers, medical equipment, medical products, medical disposable products, disposable gynecology devices, vaginal speculum, electrosurgical devices, devices for surgical suction, proctology devices, disposable wooden tongue depressor, oxygen masks, glasses for oxygen, probes, catheters, Ultrasound Gel, Gel Acquasonic, gel spray electrodes, Instant ice, gloves exploration, decontamination pads, ultrasound SONY Paper, Mitsubishi Paper ultrasound, basket pole, infant mucus extractor, sanitary, medical devices, helix test system, vapor line, soapy sponge, disposable bib, vaginal speculum, forceps cord, set for endometrial biopsy, probe dilator, endocervical sampling brush, probe for endometrial sampling, spatula in wood, cotton swab for sampling, Minicontainer racks, cytology spray fixative, slides cytology, electrosurgical handpieces, patient neutral plates